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About the ASRT Program

Advancing Science Research Teaching
is made possible by funding from Regeneron and ZEISS

Advancing Science Research Teaching (ASRT) is an in-person, free, educational outreach program that is designed to equip high school teachers with the knowledge, insights and activities to increase science research opportunities for their students. 

The ASRT program is being offered for free to selected high school teachers and/or science fair directors that apply and meet the criteria, thanks to funding from Regeneron and ZEISS.

The ASRT program is customized to help teachers who provide science research opportunities within a traditional STEM classroom setting, or helping those with a small, growing research program/club, or even helping those with more established Science Research Programs/Clubs. High school teachers may apply individually or as a group.

Science fair directors are also welcome to apply on behalf of a group of high school teachers (up to 20), that are involved in their local, regional  or state science fairs. In those cases, the science fair director would be responsible for organizing the group and providing a location for the ASRT workshop in their region, should they be selected.

The high school teacher(s) or science fair directors that are selected as "Finalists" will receive 4.5 days of in-person consulting sessions at or near their school(s).

Additional teachers may be selected as "Semifinalists" and will receive 2 days of consulting via an online/virtual format.

In all cases, the ASRT sessions will be customized to help teachers to reach their specific goals and overcome obstacles.

This application will be open from mid October through mid November.
Please feel free to send an email and request to be added to the notification list when the application opens.


Teachers and/or science fair directors that have applied will receive an email regarding whether or not they were selected by early December.

Please see the FAQ section or email
for additional information.

**  Additional schools/science fair directors have secured funding for the ASRT program through their school district or local organizations. Please contact us to discuss the various options.