How to Apply for the ASRT Program

Link to apply for the 2021 ASRT Program -

  • The ASRT program is designed to equip high school teachers with the knowledge, insights and activities to increase science research opportunities for their students.

  • The program can be customized to help teachers that provide science research opportunities within a traditional STEM classroom setting or helping those with small, growing dedicated research programs/clubs, or even helping those with more established Science Research Programs/Clubs.

  • Whether a teacher runs an established Science Research Program/Club or incorporates science research project opportunities into their science curriculum, they are eligible to apply. However, they do have to be an active high school teacher.

  • Potential ASRT workshop dates can be found in the "FAQ" section of this website and on the application.

  • The ASRT Program is being offered for free thanks to funding from Regeneron.

  • Applicants will be evaluated by a committee from Regeneron, on the basis of their interest in building and/or growing such a program, readiness and capacity in terms of finances and faculty, as well as their administration’s level of support for creating science research/STEM opportunities for high school students.

  • An email will be sent to all Regeneron-ISEF affiliated fair directors with a request to pass the information and application link along to all of the teachers that have been involved in their science fair.

  • Teachers can apply online, individually or as a small group. More information about applying as a group can be found in the "FAQ" section of this website.